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Trending Report Intervals; Scrolling In The Trending Report; Printing The Trending Report; Exiting The Trending Report - Philips HeartStart MRx Instructor Manual

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Trending Report Intervals

• Trending data can be shown at selected intervals for up to 12 hours* of monitoring. You can adjust
the display's time interval for the current incident to 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The default is 5
*The internal Event Summary stores up to 12 hours of 2 continuous ECG waves, 1 CO
invasive pressure waves, events and trending per patient incident.
• When the time interval is one minute, data from continuous measurements represents the average
reading for that one-minute period. For all other time intervals, the measurement shown is the one-
minute average from the most recent minute in the time interval.
To adjust the interval:
1. With Vital Signs Trending active on your display, press the Menu Select button.
2. Using the Navigation buttons, select Trend Interval and press Menu Select.
3. Using the Navigation buttons, select the trend interval you want and press Menu Select.

Scrolling in the Trending Report

• Use the [<<] or [>>] softkeys to scroll left and right (backward and forward) in the report. The
softkey is inactive if there is no more data to be viewed in a particular direction.
• If there are more vital signs than can be shown on the screen, use the Navigation buttons to scroll up
and down with the vertical scroll bar on the display. Make sure there is not a menu active at the same

Printing the Trending Report

Print the Trending Report two ways:
1. Press the soft key under the Print Trends label. A report for the displayed period and interval is
2. Press the Summary button, select Trends, and then Trends Interval. A report for the entire
incident period is printed.
If your MRx has a 50mm printer, the report will have 11 lines of text. If you have a 75mm printer, the
report contains 16 lines.

Exiting the Trending Report

To exit the Trending Report and return to a waveform display, simply press the [Close Trends]
soft key. You will be returned to Monitor Mode.
Practice Exercise 1
Have students change report time intervals, scroll through data, and print out sample reports. Pose
the following questions:
1. Does the layout of a report change in any way when you increase or decrease the time interval?
2. Does the information on a printout differ from what you see on the display?
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