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Unpacking And Assembly - Honda HF2315 Original Instruction

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Various main components can be seen on the machine, and these
have the following functions:
1. Cutting deck: this is the guard enclosing the rotating blades.
2. Blades: these are what cut the grass. The wings at the ends
help convey the cut grass towards the collector channel.
3. Collector channel: this is the part connecting the cutting deck
to the grass-catcher.
4. Grass-catcher: as well as collecting the grass cuttings, this is
also a safety element in that it stops any objects drawn up by
the blades from being thrown outside of the machine.
5. Stone-guard or deflector (available as optional part): this
can be fitted in place of the grass-catcher and prevents objects
drawn up by the blades from being thrown outside of the ma-
6. Engine: this moves the blades and drives the wheels.
7. Battery: provides the energy for starting the engine. Its spe ci -
fi cations and regulations for use are described in a specific man-
8. Driver seat: this is where the machine operator sits. It has a
sensor for detecting the presence of the operator which is a sa -
fety device.
9. Decals for regulations and safety: give reminders on the
main provisions for working safely, each of which is explained
in chapter 1.
10. Inspection hatch: for access to make several adjustments.


For storage and transport reasons, some components of the
machine are not directly installed in the factory, but have to be
assembled after their removal from the packing. Final assembly is
carried out by following these simple instructions.
The machine is supplied without engine oil or
fuel. Before starting up the engine, fill with oil and fuel following the
Unpacking and completing the assembly
should be done on a flat and stable surface, with enough
space for machine handling and its packaging, always ma k-
ing use of suitable equipment.
When unpacking the machine, take care to gather all individual parts
and fittings, and do not damage the cutting deck when ta king the ma-
chine off the base pallet.
The packing contents:
– the machine;
– the steering wheel;
– the seat;
– the front bumper (if fitted);
– the grass-catcher brackets;
– the grass-catcher components;
– the battery charger;
– an envelope containing:
– the operatorʼs manuals and documents,
– the nuts and bolts including a pin for blocking the steering
– 2 starter keys and a spare 10 A fuse.
To prevent damaging the cutting deck when get-
ting the ma chine down from the pallet, take it to the maximum
height (
4.6) and be very careful. In the hydrostatic drive mo -
dels, to get the machine off the pallet and to move it more easily,
put the drive disengage lever in position «B» (
Disposal of the packaging should be done in accordance with the
local regulations in force.
Put the machine on a flat surface
and straighten up the front wheels.
Fit the steering wheel (1) onto the
protruding shaft (2) with the spo -
kes directed towards the seat.
Line up the hole in the steering wheel hub with the hole in the shaft
and insert the pin supplied (3) using a hammer, ensuring that the end
comes completely through to the opposite side.
To avoid damaging the steering wheel, use a
punch of the same size to push the pin in the last part.

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