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Sidoor_cdat" Data Type - Siemens SIDOOR ATD401W System Manual

Atd4xxw series, door control systems for industrial applications.
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Parameter channel (PKW)
The parameter channel is only used actively when a parameter job mapped by the
parameters PKW_NUM, PKW_IND, PKW_PWE and PKW_RETRY is started by a positive
edge on PKW_REQ. Therefore, all "PKW" parameters can be set to "0" if the parameter
channel is inactive or will not be used.
On a positive edge of PKW_REQ, a parameter job is copied into the internal job buffer, and
the evaluation is started. PKW_REQ is automatically reset after the job has been executed
or terminated by an error. An active job is canceled by resetting PKW_REQ. The job is
canceled automatically if a diagnostic or communication error occurs during processing. A
job is not evaluated as error-free until the empty job has been sent automatically in the last
step and correspondingly answered.
After a job has finished, the parameter channel is automatically reset by an empty job. This
need not be done by the user.
The function block can be called at any cyclic frequency. Please note, however, that the
parameter channel is processed step-by-step. Each block call executes precisely one step in
the processing of the parameter job.
1. Check parameter job data and start job
2. Wait for a response from the addressed node
3. Evaluate the response, and enable the job interface with an empty job
The number of wait steps is limited by the input parameter PKW_RETRY, and depends
directly on the call cycle. Depending on the job, the SIDOOR ATD430W controller requires at
least 30 ms to process a parameter job (including response).

"SIDOOR_CDat" data type

The "SIDOOR_CDat" data type maps the structure of the control words (master → slave).
These are identical for the process image in the case of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The
terminal block assignments are specified in Process data (Page 285). The data type is used
for all S7 systems in SIMATIC Manager and TIA Portal.
Table 8- 1
ATD4xxW Door Controller for Industrial Applications
System Manual, 01/2017, A5E38080677-AB
Data type
Control word (STW1)
Door commands / drive orders
Extension/modification of door
Target position in positioning
Configuration and programming in STEP 7
8.3 Programming SIDOOR instructions
See also
Table A-13 Control word 1
(STW1) (Page 286)
Table A-16 DCMD signal
(Page 287)
Table A-17 DCMD expansion bits
(Page 288)
Table A-19 DESTPOS signal
(Page 289)


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