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Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W User Manual page 17

Self cleaning full stainless hidden bottle water cooler with led indicators
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Q3. I can't find the rectangular bottles? What other kind of bottles does the cooler take?
The cooler will accept any standard three or a five gallon water bottle, circular or
Q4. How do I know when and if the Self Cleaning function is working?
The self cleaning function will run every four hours and the self clean LED light will flash.
Between self clean cycles, the LED light is glowing steady to indicate that cooler is
protected from contamination.
Q5. Can I use anything else other than bleach for cleaning the water cooler?
Bleach is safe to use to clean the machine. However, if you wish you can use a vinegar
based solution instead. Mix 16 oz of vinegar per every gallon of water.
Q6. How important is the cleaning procedure?
The cooler is ready to use and cleaning it right out of the box is not required. See cleaning
Q7. Where is the drain plug located?
The drain plug is located on the back right hand side of the cooler. A white plastic cover
is situated over the white silicone plug. A Phillips screwdriver must be used to remove
the plug.
Q8. There is no hot or cold water?
Ensure that both the hot and cold buttons on the back side of the cooler have been turned
on. The LED lights on the control panel will have a steady glow indicating the power has
been turned on. When lights are flashing, heating and cooling is currently taking place.
Q9. Which side is on and which side is off?
The "0" is OFF and the "-" sign is ON . ON/OFF status can be seen by looking at LED on
the front panel.
Q10. The water is not pumping water into the holding tank.
Ensure that the front door of the cooler is closed. In the event the cooler door is not closed
the pump will not be activated. If pump is still not being activated reset the power.

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