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Storage; Safety Precautions; Maintenance; Installation - Casio V-T500-E Hardware Manual

V-t500 series; v-n500 series
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• System case does not support splashproof specification. wipe it with soft and dry clothes if system
case gets wet.
• Magnetic parts are used in system case. Keep off the magnetism and don't put magnetism in
system case.
• Don't use the volatile medichine, like thinner/benzine/cosmetics, to clean the terminal unit.
• Wipe the terminal unit with soft and dry clothes if it gets dirty. It may get scratches if it's wiped
strongly with clothes.
• Clean the power terminal and charge terminal with dry cotton swab occasionally. it may cause for
poor contact if it gets dirty.
• Pay attention at medichine. Because resin case and cover may gets damage/discolored if
medichine (like thinner/gasoline/kerosene/solvents/fats and oils) or cream/glue/pint/cosmetic
including such a medichine is used.

4.2 Storage

• For storage of the terminal for a long time, be sure to remove the battery.
• Avoid keeping the terminal in a place becoming high temperatures such as in a vehicle.

4.3 Safety Precautions

• Please follow the Operation Manual.

5. Maintenance

• The components and operational items of the temperature need neither periodical replacement nor

6. Installation

• Please install and operate the temperature keeping precautions strictly.
• For configuring W-LAN wireless network, please set up it referring to Wireless LAN Setup
Procedures with checking the suitable communication conditions including the location of the
access point.



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