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V-t500 series; v-n500 series
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4. Precautions

Please read the instruction manual carefully and follow its contents.

4.1 Precautions for Handling and Operating V-T500/V-N500

4.1.1 About Recharging, Supplying Power, and Battery

• The backup battery is a secondary battery. Please pay attention not to replace the main
rechargeable battery pack if the backup battery is not fully charged. When the main battery is
removed from the terminal unit with the exhausted backup battery, it will cause loss or change of
data. The backup battery, recharged longer than 30 minutes, can backup the RAM memory for
about 10 minutes.
• The rechargeable battery would lower its output voltage due to shipping inspection and natural
discharge while kept in stock. Please recharge the battery beforehand.
• Rechargeable battery will shorten its life by repeated charge/discharge cycles. Please replace the
rechargeable battery pack with new one when the continuous operating time after recharge
becomes extremely short.
• Please recharge the main battery in a temperature range of approximately 0 to 40°C. Otherwise,
the recharge protector will be activated to shut down the recharge operation.
• After repeating the charge/discharge cycles for some time, the rechargeable battery will swell.
Please replace it with new one if you find such swell.

4.1.2 Others

• While talking over the terminal for a long time, the terminal will become warm, but this is not
• When inserting SIM/SAM/SD card to the terminal, please make sure to insert it with the correct
direction. If forcibly or wrongly inserted, it will cause damage to the card. When the card is
incorrectly inserted, you cannot install the rechargeable battery pack into terminal. Remove the
card once and reinsert it with correct direction if such case happened.
• When you will use W CDMA/GSM telecommunication services, you will need to have a contract
with a service-provider to take service of it. The available services are determined by the
service-provider whom you will connect. For the detail of available services, please consult with
the network service-provider.
• When the GPS function is used at first time or after a long unused period, it may take time for
verifying its position.
• In such case, firstly select a location where communication failures will not occur by nearby
obstacles, idle the terminal for 15 minutes or more after turning the power on then start the GPS
operation. The GPS module uses signals transmitted by the satellite under control of the US
Government. The accuracy of the positioning information is affected by operating conditions of
the satellite. In addition, the terminal may fail to receive signals inside buildings or tunnels
because the signal is transmitted from the satellite. For in-vehicle use, select a location beforehand
where the receiving sensitivity is favorable.
• Do not give the terminal strong shock including drop while using it in the rainy condition. The
unit may lose the splash-proof capability.
• If undesinated USB cable is used, it may be difficult to keep the strength for prying.


Table of Contents

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