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Lan/Usb Cradle, Ha-M62Io - Casio V-T500-E Hardware Manual

V-t500 series; v-n500 series
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1.4.3 LAN/USB Cradle, HA-M62IO

The following illustrations show the external views of LAN/USB Cradle, HA-M62IO.
Figure 1.4
Table 1.6 Name and function of each part
1 Power Supply and
Communication Terminals
2 Power Indicator LED
3 Power Switch
4 AC Adaptor Jack
5 Selection Switch
6 LAN Port
7 LAN Communication Status
Indicator LED
8 LAN Connection Status
Indicator LED
9 Port for USB Host
10 Port for USB Client
Terminals for power supply and data communication use.
Indicates status of power supply and normal/abnormal installation of the
Lit up with Red: Power is on. The terminal is not installed.
Lit up with Green: Power is on. The terminal is correctly installed.
Light-out: Power is off.
Switch to turn ON/OFF the power.
Jack to connect output of optional AC Adaptor to supply power.
Switch to select USB host, USB Client, or LAN.
To use host, switch to A side, and switch to B side for client.
Port to connect LAN cable to enable connection with PC or HUB to transfer
(down/up loading) system data, file data.
Indicates operational status of LAN.
Light-out: Communication is not being executed.
Blinking: Communication is being executed.
Indicates LAN connection status.
Light-out: LAN cable connection is abnormal.
Lit up with Orange: LAN cable connectionism abnormal.
To connect supported USB peripheral device.
Port to connect USB cable to enable connection with PC or HUB to transfer
(down/up loading) system data, file data. Installation of exclusive driver
software in PC, prior to use, is required.



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