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Heated Humidifier Performance Confirmation - Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex Provider Manual

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Heated Humidifier Performance Confirmation

Humidifier preheat mode can be used to determine if the System One Heated Humidifier is working properly.
The following steps should be followed if there is a desire to confirm the performance of the System One Heated Humidifier.
WARNING: It is important to follow the exact steps below when performing this test in order to ensure no injury. Read
all steps first before performing this test.
WARNING: Do not place your hand directly on the heater plate at any time during this test as it could result in a burn.
1. Disconnect the patient tubing (if attached) and remove the water tank.
2. While the therapy device is not running, place your hand above the heater plate (without touching it) to assess the
temperature of the heater plate when off for later comparison.
3. Turn on humidifier preheat mode as described in the User Manual.
4. Allow the device to run in preheat mode for 30 seconds.
5. Place your hand above the heater plate (without touching it) to confirm an increase in heater plate temperature.
6. Press the control wheel while "Therapy" is highlighted on the Home screen to enter therapy and end preheat mode.
7. Press the control wheel again to turn off therapy.
Verifying the Pressure
WARNING: If the device fails to perform within the stated specifications, have the system serviced by a qualified Philips
Respironics-approved service facility.
If part of your patient setup procedure is to verify actual pressure with a manometer, please use the following instructions to
ensure that the device is functioning properly. You will need the following equipment to verify the pressure:
• Philips Respironics Pressure Calibration Kit
Kit Includes:
Philips Respironics Whisper Swivel II
Philips Respironics O
Closed end cap
• Philips Respironics flexible tubing
• Pressure tubing
• Philips Respironics Digital Manometer or equivalent
Minimum Specifications:
0 - 25 cm H
O (or better)
±0.3 cm H
O accuracy
±0.1 cm H
O resolution
• Foam filter
To verify the pressure, complete the following steps:
1. Install the foam filter into the back of the device.
2. With the device unplugged, connect the system as illustrated in the diagram.
3. Turn the manometer on. If it does not display a reading of zero, adjust the manometer to calibrate it. If the manometer
has variable settings for devices, set it to cm H
4. Supply power to the device then place the device in provider mode.
5. Set the therapy parameters according to the patient specific data.
6. Set the device to the specific pressure value for the patient.
7. Verify that the pressure setting matches the pressure displayed on the manometer. If the pressure setting does not match
the measured value for the device, contact Philips Respironics or an authorized service center to have the device serviced.
Note: Output pressures may vary at local altitude and barometric pressure. Because of these factors, devices may slightly
vary in output pressure over the range of the altitude settings.
8. Set up the remaining parameters and exit provider mode. The unit is ready for patient use.
Enrichment Final Assembly
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