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Asking For Technical Assistance - Acer Aspire RC500 Owner's Manual

Acer owners manual desktop pc rc900, rc500
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Use a soft cloth moistened with water and gently wipe the exterior of the computer and the
keyboard. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
To clean your pointing device
To clean a regular mouse (with rubber ball)
Open the circular cover underneath the mouse.
Take out the rubber ball and wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.
Put the ball back and close the cover.
To clean an optical mouse
For users of an optical mouse, refer to the documentation that came with your mouse for
maintenance instructions.
To clean your monitor
Make sure that you keep your screen clean. For cleaning instructions, refer to the documentation
that came with your monitor.
When to contact a service technician
If you dropped and damaged the computer
If liquid has been spilled into the computer
If the computer is not operating normally
If a computer problem persists even after you have checked and done the troubleshooting
tips discussed in the "Frequently-asked questions" section on page 14
If your problem is not listed in the "Frequently-asked questions" section on page 14
If you want to replace or upgrade any of your computer's internal components

Asking for technical assistance

For technical assistance, contact your local dealer or distributor. You may also access the Web site
( for information on how and where to contact the service centers available
in your area.

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Table of Contents

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