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General Information - Siemens SITRANS AS100 Operating Instructions Manual

Acoustic sensors
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General Information

SITRANS AS100 Sensor
SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor for flow detection. It monitors high frequency acoustic
emissions (sound waves) generated by:
● the friction and impact of solids flow in pipes, chutes, and conveyors
● cavitation occurring in pumps, pipes, and valves
● turbulence of gases or liquids leaking through valves and flanges
● friction and jarring of mechanical parts
Acoustic emissions travel readily through solid materials such as metal, but are strongly
attenuated when traveling through air. As such, the Sensor is immune to airborne interferences
and provides a non-invasive method of monitoring process activities.
The sensor can be configured electrically during wiring to operate in either low or high sensitivity
range mode. The high sensitivity range applies where highest signal levels vary up to 40 dB. The
low sensitivity range applies where highest signal levels vary between 28 and 68 dB.
SITRANS AS100 Sensor provides an analog output for use with the Sitrans Control Unit. The
Sensor may be operated independently from the Control Unit by providing an external supply.
The output is fed into a control panel, chart recorder, data logger, or programmable logic
controller with a suitable input.
SITRANS AS100 Sensor is primarily used for solids flow detection. However, this device can be
used in pump cavitation and fluid leak detection, provided sufficient noise levels are generated.
• The SITRANS AS100 is to be used only in the manner outlined in this manual
• This product is intended for use in industrial areas. Operation of this equipment in a
residential area may cause interference to several frequency based communications
● non-invasive
● screw in, bolt on, weld, or bond in place
● analog output
● high and low sensitivity range of operation
Operating Instructions, 06/2016, A5E31952194-AB


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