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Before bringing in your camera for servicing, check the following table as a guide to troubleshoot the
problem. If the problem cannot be corrected, contact your Sony dealer or Sony Customer Service. If
messages you are unfamiliar with appear in the viewfinder, or on the LCD panel or LCD monitor,
refer to "Warning Indicators" on page 109.
Camera is inoperable.
Battery pack is empty. (battery
warning indicator displays)
AC power adaptor/charger is
not firmly connected.
Internal system is
Power cuts out.
When the power/mode dial is
set to CAM, monitor turns off
if you don't operate it for about function dial to restore power.
1 minute (3 minutes in PLAY).
Camera turns off completely
if not operated for another 4
minutes (in CAM) or another
2 minutes (in PLAY).
Battery power depletes quickly.
Battery pack is not charged
Battery has reached the end of
its life.
Cannot take pictures.
Power/mode dial is not set to
The card has reached the
picture taking limit.
The battery needs recharging.
Corrective Action
Charge the battery pack.
(page 23)
Check the DC power cable and
AC power cable connection.
(page 99)
Disconnect the battery or
power cable, wait one minute
and reconnect. Turn the power
on and check to make sure the
camera is functioning
Press the release button
halfway or operate the power/
Charge the battery fully.
(page 23)
Replace it with a new
chargeable lithium ion battery.
(page 24)
Set the power/mode dial to
Erase unnecessary pictures
before taking more pictures.
(page 87)
Charge the rechargeable
lithium ion battery. (page 23)
Auto focus does not work.
AF switch is set to MF
(manual focus)
Pictures are being taken in
conditions where auto focus
does not work.
Picture is dark.
Subject is backlit. There is
insufficient light.
When shooting a bright
These lines are called
subject, vertical lines appear
on the picture.
Black dots appear on LCD
Extremely precise technology
monitor or red, blue, and green
is being used for the liquid
dots cannot be erased.
crystal display.
LCD display in the viewfinder
The eyesight level is not
is blurry.
properly adjusted.
Picture is improperly exposed.
EV compensation is set.
The camera is in shutter speed
priority AE mode and has been
set to an inappropriate speed.
Picture is improperly exposed
The flash is too far from the
when using the flash.
The flash does not work.
There is enough light, and the
flash is not necessary. (when
the flash is set to "Auto")
The flash is set to "Off".
Corrective Action
Set the AF switch to AF
(auto focus).
Manually set the focus.
(page 38)
Correct the brightness.
(page 56)
The camera is not
The camera is not
malfunctioning. The dots will
not be recorded.
Adjust the viewfinder focus to
suit your eyesight. (page 34)
Set the EV compensation to
+/- 0 and try shooting again.
(page 56)
Change the shutter speed to a
more suitable speed using the
shift dial. (page 51)
Use the flash within a range of
approx. 1.0 m to 2.5 m.
When you want the flash to
always go off, set it to "On".
(page 74)
Set the flash to "Auto" or "On".
(page 74)
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