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Specification - IBM SK-8808 User Manual

Rf wireless keyboard
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The Channel number will add one up at each click while ID number is generated
automatically from random. For example, the current Channel is 2 and ID is 5.
After the above procedure once, the channel moves to 3 and ID maybe 9 or any
other random number from 1 to 16.
Note: the Channel will not be changed if the Channel Selection button on the
Receiver has not yet been clicked once.
4.4.5 Channel and ID display
4.4.7 Initial use of device

5. Specification

Receiver power consumption : 52 mA at operation mode and 466 uA at sleep mode
The computer screen will display the Channel number.
Action before packaging – Channel Reset *** for factory ***
Follow Channel Reset procedure as to ensure that all products leave
the production line in their default setting.
It is recommended that the user is to reset the channel as described in
to default setting before use.
Description & Commodity : Wireless keyboard for computer
Model : SK-8808
Operation Frequency : 27 MHz
Operation Range : 2 meter
Power consumption : 14.5 ± 2 mA for keyboard at operation mode
Battery life : 6 month
RF output power : 4mW (+6dbm)
Power supply : 4 * AAA Alkaline battery for keyboard (3V in
Channel : 6 channel with 4 bit security ID for keyboard
Receiver Sensibility : -95 dbm
System Requirement : IBM PC compatible
Storage temperature : -10 ~ 85 °C
Working temperature : 0 ~ 40 °C
12 ± 5 uA for keyboard at sleep mode
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