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Product Description; Intended Use - Bosch 8750000003 Instruction Manual

Smart home series door/window contact
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Your Door/Window Contact detects
open windows and doors inconspic-
uously by means of an app. It causes
radiators to be turned down auto-
matically if a window is opened, and
it triggers an alarm if windows and
doors are opened without permission.
The Door/Window contact is kept up
to date once connected to the Bosch
Smart Home System.

1.1 Intended use

The product may only be used together
with original Bosch Smart Home
components, and is for indoor use only.
▶ Follow the safety instructions and the
directions in this manual and the Bosch
Smart Home App to ensure that the
product is set up correctly
Do not modify the product in any way. Any other use is considered
unintended use. We will not assume liability for any resulting damage.
▶ Please note the details in the
Technical Data section
(see p. 40)
▶ Avoid installing in areas prone
to high amounts of dust, direct
sunshine or heat


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