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Samsung HG55AF690U Installation Manual Page 28

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Hotel TV Function
Network Setup
Apps ID Setting
Apps Setting
Service Discovery
Solution VLAN ID
Device VLAN ID
ARP Interval
System Manager
If this item is entered into, network setup menu is displayed. The network setup menu is used
for setting network like access internet.
Soft AP: Using this function, you can connect the TV on your mobile devices. Set the options for
connection of Wi-Fi device.
• Soft AP: Turns on or off the Soft AP. When Soft AP is set to On, your mobile devices can find
the TV name in Wi-Fi connection list.
• Security key: Set a security key that you need to enter on other devices so they can connect to
the TV.
‒ Input the generated security key into the device you want to connect.
‒ If network does not operate normally,check the security key again. An incorrect security
key may cause a malfunction.
✎ Soft AP may not be available if it is not supported by the model.
✎ Maximum number of devices that can be connected: 4 devices.
✎ Bitrate : 10 Mbps/device.
✎ The specifications above are based on our in-house testing. Actual performance may
vary depending on your wired/wireless network environment.
Set SmartHub Model.
Set up SmartHub.
Can use this feature to enable Service Discovery Features like DLNA.
Enable/disable LAN Out. When enabled, the TV can work as a wired router for other network
Create separate VLAN groups. A 3-digit number can be entered between 1 and 255 for the VLAN
When VLAN is used, set a VLAN ID to be assigned to a Solution (such as SYNC, H.Browser etc.).
Set a VLAN ID to be assigned to external devices connected to the LAN OUT port.
Adjust the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Interval value.
‒ Setting value: 2 / 5 / 10 / 30 / 60 / 120 / 180 sec (default: 60 sec)
Gives you direct, immediate access to System Manager functions such as such as Time,
Language, View Notifications, Device Name.
System Manager allow you to Adjust your TV's system and customise settings for your viewing


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