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Antenna Care; Phone Operation - Siemens E71 User Manual

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• An automatic connection acceptance
("connection without confirmation")
should only be used in exceptional cases.
• In general, only trustworthy devices
should be linked in order to minimise se-
curity risks.
• You should restrict the "visibility" of your
phone if possible. This will make it much
more difficult for unknown devices to
establish a connection with your phone.
To do this, in the Bluetooth menu, set the others
Not visible
• The name of your phone is transmitted in
a Bluetooth connection. The factory de-
fault is the "Bluetooth ID". The first time
Bluetooth is activated, or later in the
Bluetooth menu, you can change this
(My BT
name, page 73).
• If Bluetooth is not needed, this function
should be deactivated.
Before using Bluetooth accessories, or a
mobile phone inside a vehicle, check the ve-
hicle user guide for any limitations on the
use of these products.
(page 73).
Safety precautions
Read this information before using your
wireless handheld phone.
As this mobile phone is equipped with a
fixed (non-retractable) antenna, some par-
agraphs in the text below may not be appli-

Antenna care

Use only the supplied or an approved re-
placement antenna. Unauthorized anten-
nas, modifications, or attachments could
damage the phone and may violate
FCC regulations.

Phone operation

Normal position
Hold the phone as you would any other tel-
ephone with the antenna pointed up and
over your shoulder.
Tips on efficient operation
For your phone to operate most efficiently:
• Extend your antenna fully (if applicable).
• Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily
when the phone is in use. Contact with the
antenna affects call quality and may cause
the phone to operate at a higher power
level than otherwise needed.


Table of Contents

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