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Digital Pedestal; Digital Clamp (xcg-5005e Only); Digital Gain; Digital On/off (xcg-5005e Only) - Sony XCG-V60E Technical Manual

Digital video camera module.
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Digital Pedestal

The camera provides the digital pedestal function to
adjust image black level.
In the XCG-V60E/XCG-SX97E/XCG-SX99E/
XCG-U100E, the level can be set from 0 to 2047.
In the XCG-5005E, the level can be set from each
camera's lower limit value to 2047.
The digital pedestal setting is a 14-bit value. As such,
1/64 as many setting levels are available during 8-bit
output, 1/16 are available during 10-bit output, and 1/4
are available during 12-bit output.
Digital Clamp
(XCG-5005E only)
The XCG-5005E provides the digital clamp function to
correct black level difference between left and right
images. The digital clamp has the following three
One-Shot Clamp
This mode corrects left-right black level difference once
upon executing the command.
Auto Clamp
This mode automatically corrects left-right black level
This mode allows you to manually correct left-right
black level difference.
If the above One-Shot/Auto Clamp modes cannot
adequately correct left-right black level difference, user
adjustment is available from the OFF mode.
Set Digital ON/OFF to OFF, and adjust Clamp L/R
values separately, from 0 to 1023. Left and right black
level is freely user settable. However, in the OFF mode,
Digital Pedestal and Digital Gain functions are disabled.
User can also set left and right gain separately by GainL
and GainR (0 to 502 steps or 0 to 18 dB). When setting
Clamp L/R and GainL/R separately, set the left side first.

Digital Gain

The camera provides a digital gain function. Gain values
are from 1X to 2X (0 to 64, in 0.015625X increments).
When using digital gain, discontinuity may occur in the
spacing between output levels. This occurs due to the
lack of an image signal output that is equivalent to the
output steps. This is not a malfunction.
Digital ON/OFF
(XCG-5005E only)
Use this function to set left-right image black levels
independently. Setting range is 0 to 1023 for each.
The digital clamp L/R setting is a 14-bit value.
Therefore, be careful when data is handled otherwise,
e.g., as 12-bit output values (giving one quarter as many
setting levels).

Look-Up Table (LUT)

The camera's look-up table consists of 4,096 values,
with 12-bit input and output. The look-up table allows
setting an arbitrary gamma curve or binarization. Also,
a gamma curve coefficient can be specified for the
standard black level. For levels below the standard black
level, set the gamma value to 1 to prevent burnt-out
highlights in the black level.
Selectable from 0: Linear 1: Reverse 2: Binarization
3: Gamma Curve Coefficient 4: User Setting.
Switching Output Bit
The camera provides a function to switch image output
bit length between 8, 10 and 12 bits. Use it to adjust the
relative priority of data quantity to image quality.
The pixel formats are Mono8, Mono10, Mono10
Packed, Mono12 and Mono12 Packed in compliance
with GigE Vision 1.0.

Test Chart

The camera includes a grayscale chart for testing


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