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Configuring Active And Default Settings; Active Settings; User Defaults; Factory Defaults - Philips FM20 Configuration Manual

Avalon fetal monitor, for monitor release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx, patient monitoring.
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Configuring Active and Default
Avalon fetal monitors have different levels of settings.

Active Settings

The configuration that is used when the monitor is running are the Active Settings. They are
representing the latest adjustments that were made by the user. The Active Settings are preserved
over power fail, but are not permanently stored.
In Monitoring Mode, the user can modify the Active Settings:
individually by entering the monitor or measurements setup menus, or
by loading the User Defaults into the Active Settings by selecting:
Changes to the Active Settings cannot be permanently stored.

User Defaults

In addition, the monitor holds one complete configuration in persistent memory. This configuration is
called User Defaults, and can be loaded into the Active Settings. In the User Defaults the user
keeps the settings for her/his personal configuration.
The User Defaults are loaded into Active Settings whenever the monitor needs to reset to defaults,
e.g. if a patient is discharged, or if the monitor was turned off for longer than one minute (if
Global Settings
In Configuration Mode the user can store Active Settings permanently into the User Defaults:

Factory Defaults

The Factory Defaults is a complete configuration pre-defined at the factory. You cannot modify it.
Main Setup
the SmartKey
Automat. Default
Main Setup
Load Defaults
, or
is set to
Save Defaults
Main Setup


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