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Installation - Electrolux GK58TSO User Manual

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comes on.
comes on.
and a number come on. There is an error in the
You can hear a constant
beep noise.
comes on.
7.2 If you cannot find a
If you cannot find a solution to the
problem yourself, contact your dealer or
an Authorised Service Centre. Give the
data from the rating plate. Give also
three digit letter code for the glass
ceramic (it is in the corner of the glass


Refer to Safety chapters.
8.1 Before the installation
Before you install the hob, write down the
information bellow from the rating plate.
The rating plate is on the bottom of the
Serial number ...........................
Possible cause
Automatic Switch Off oper‐
Child Safety Device or
Lock operates.
The electrical connection is
The second phase of the
power supply is missing.
surface) and an error message that
comes on. Make sure, you operated the
hob correctly. If not the servicing by a
service technician or dealer will not be
free of charge, also during the warranty
period. The instructions about the
Service Centre and conditions of
guarantee are in the guarantee booklet.
8.2 Built-in hobs
Only use the built-in hobs after you
assemble the hob into correct built-in
units and work surfaces that align to the
During installation in combustible matter,
NIN SEV 1000 and fire protection
guidelines and regulations of the
Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance
shall be strictly adhered to.
Deactivate the hob and ac‐
tivate it again.
Refer to "Daily use".
Deactivate the hob and ac‐
tivate it again after 30 sec‐
onds. If
comes on
again, disconnect the hob
from the electrical supply.
After 30 seconds, connect
the hob again. If the prob‐
lem continues, speak to an
Authorised Service Centre.
Disconnect the hob from
the electrical supply. Ask a
qualified electrician to
check the installation.
Check if the hob is correct‐
ly connected to the electri‐
cal supply. Remove the
fuse, wait one minute, and
insert the fuse again.



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