Cleaning Before Use; Before Using Your Unit - Kenwood KFC60B15 Installation Instructions Manual

60cm frost free
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12. Attach the upper corner cover. Put back
the upper cover. Attach the upper door
corner block.
13. Move the door handles to the other side of
the doors accordingly.

cleaning before use

Wipe the inside of the unit with a weak solution of bicarbonate soda. Then rinse with warm water
using a sponge or cloth. Wipe completely dry before replacing the drawers. Clean the exterior of
the unit with a damp cloth.
If you require more information refer to the Cleaning section.
• Before Plugging in YOU MUST
Check that you have a socket which is compatible with the plug supplied with the unit.
• Before Turning On!
Do not turn on until two hours after moving the unit. The coolant fluid needs time to

before using your unit

Before placing any food in your unit, turn it on and wait for 24 hours, to make sure it is working
properly and to allow it time to fall to the correct temperature. Your unit should not be overfilled.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents