Chapter 4: Advanced Configuration With The Web-Based Utility; Overview; How To Access The Web-Based Utility; View Video - Cisco WVC54GCA User Manual

Wireless-g internet home monitoring camera
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4:
Advanced Configuration
with the Web-based Utility


Use the Camera's Web-based Utility to access and alter its
settings. This chapter will describe each webpage in the
Utility and its features. The Utility can be accessed via the
web browser of a computer connected to the Camera.

How to Access the Web-based Utility

To access the Utility, launch Internet Explorer, and enter
the Camera's IP address in the Address field. (If there are no
DHCP servers available, the camera automatically defaults
to Then, press Enter.
Camera's Default IP Address
To ensure security, you will be asked to enter a user name
and password before you can access the Camera. If you
have not changed the Camera's user name and password,
then enter admin in the User name and Password fields
(admin is the default). Then, click OK.
The Welcome screen of the Web-Based Utility will appear.
Web-Based Utility Welcome Screen
There are six tabs across the top of the Welcome screen:
Home, View Video, Setup, Linksys Web, Help, and Exit.
Home – Select this tab to return to the Welcome
View Video – Select this tab to view the Camera's video.
Go to the "View Video" section for more information.
Setup – Select this tab to alter the Camera's settings.
Go to the "Setup" sections for more information.
Linksys Web – Select this tab to go to the Linksys
Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera
Advanced Configuration with the Web-based Utility
Help – Select this tab to display the Help screen. Go to
the "Help" section for more information.
Exit – Select this tab to close the Utility.

View Video

Follow these instructions to view the Camera's video.
Click the View Video tab on the Welcome screen.
A Security Warning screen about an OCX plug-in may
appear. To enable your computer to see the Camera's
video, click Yes.
A screen appears showing the video from the Camera.
To view video using a web browser,
you must use Internet Explorer version 5.5 or
higher. The View Video feature will not work
with Netscape. Netscape users should use the
Camera Utility instead.
Security Warning Screen
View Video Screen
For added security, you should always
change the Login Name and Password through
the Utility's Setup > Users screen.



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