Chapter 2: Installing And Using The Camera Utility; Overview; Installing The Camera Utility - Cisco WVC54GCA User Manual

Wireless-g internet home monitoring camera
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2:
Installing and Using the
Camera Utility


This chapter will instruct you on how to install and use the
Camera Utility on your PC. The Utility allows you to easily
view and record the Camera's video.
If another Wireless-B or Wireless-G Internet Camera Utility
is already installed on your PC, Linksys recommends that
you uninstall it before installing this Camera Utility.
To view video using a web browser, you
must use Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher.
The View Video feature will not work with
other web browsers. If you do not use Internet
Explorer v5.5, use the Camera Utility instead.

Installing the Camera Utility

On the Welcome or Congratulations screen of the Setup
Wizard, click Install Camera Utility.
Install Viewer & Recorder Utility Screen
The Setup Wizard begins to install the Camera Utility.
The progress of the installation is displayed.
When the Setup Wizard informs you that the
installation is complete, click Continue. The Utility will
automatically start up.
Camera Utility Installation Completed
Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera
Installing and Using the Camera Utility
The Camera Utility displays the Setup screen and
searches for your Wireless-G Camera.
Setup Screen - Searching for Camera
Enter your User Name and Password:
User Name
Enter admin in this field.
If you did NOT change the password
in Step 11 of section "Setup Wizard" in "Chapter 2:
Setting Up and Mounting the Camera, " enter admin
in this field. Otherwise, enter the new password.
Authorization Screen
The Setup > Network Camera screen appears. This screen
displays the following information on the Camera:
This is checked if the Camera is enabled.
Camera Name
Displays the name of the Camera.
IP Address
Displays the Camera's IP address.
Port Number
Displays the Camera's port number.
Motion Detection Recording
detection recording is enabled or disabled using the
Enable Motion Detection Recording checkbox.
MAC Address
Displays the Camera's MAC address.
User Name and Password
name. The password is displayed as "•••••" for
security reasons.
Indicates if motion
Displays the user



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