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When using other than ISO 100, or when using the wide panel
or diffuser
An additional adjustment must be applied to the previous tables.
Without wide
panel or diffuser
(Exposure adjustment)
ISO 25
ISO 50
ISO 100
ISO 200
ISO 400
ISO 800
ISO 1600
f/stop scale
a full-stop

+2 Stop
+1 Stop
No change
–1 Stop
–2 Stop
–3 Stop
–4 Stop
a half-stop
With wide panel
(Exposure adjustment)
+3.5 Stop
+2.5 Stop
+1.5 Stop
+0.5 Stop
–0.5 Stop
–1.5 Stop
–2.5 Stop
Using the f/stop scale
Using the f/stop scale at the left, moving
one step vertically is equal to a full-stop
change. Moving one step diagonally is
equal to a half-stop change.
Half a stop is basic for setting the
aperture in this step. When using a
0.3 stop setting camera, adjust the
aperture by a value as close as possible
to a value in the above table and use
the aperture around the f/stop scale.
For precise photography, bracketing is
Starting at f/8, if you decrease the
exposure by a full stop, you get f/11.
If you increase by half a stop, you get
With diffuser
(Exposure adjustment)
+4.5 Stop
+3.5 Stop
+2.5 Stop
+1.5 Stop
+0.5 Stop
–0.5 Stop
–1.5 Stop



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