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Sony SH800 User Manual Page 6

Cell sorter ssff.
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To put the machine in standby mode:
1. From the cytometer ribbon, select "settings" (a)
2. On the settings panel, select "advanced settings"
3. On the "pressure options" tab, select "standby" (b)
4. Once you have replaced the tank after emptying and adding bleach, or filled the sheath tank select "ready" (c)
7. Data Export
1. FCS file export: right-click on the Experiment (scroll up past all the sample tubes to the top of the experiment), and
select Export as FCS Files, or in the Experiment tab, select Export FCS Files from the ribbon.
2. The ... button lets you browse to the appropriate folder.
i. This pc ! c drive ! facs data
ii. click export !click close
3. A PDF of the experiment layout, including sort setup and a screenshot of the gates can be saved by clicking custom
print (in the Worksheet Tools Ribbon). PDFs should be saved in "my documents" folder
4. Go to "facs data checkin" on desktop
8. Clean up
1. If NOT the last user follow steps b through g. If the last user skip to the Shut Down directions.
2. From the Cytometer tab (a), select Bleach Clean (b). Prepare 15 ml tube with 12 ml of 10% bleach. Place on tube
holder and proceed with cleaning. This will take 6 minutes, and approximately 7 ml of bleach will be run through
the sample tubing and chip.
3. From the Cytometer tab, select DI Shutdown Rinse (c). Prepare a 15 ml tube with 12 ml of Di water. Place the tube
on the holder, and proceed with the rinse. This will take another 6 minutes.
4. There are additional steps for BSL-2 or yeast sample
clean up. See SOP page 7
5. Log out of the software.
6. When the box comes up asking if you are sure you want
to log out, check the box that says "Keep sort
calibration." If you do not check the box, the next person
will have to run the auto calibration again before sorting.
7. If there is more than a 2 hour gap between log-ins, the
machine will shut the stream off and the auto calibration
will have to be run again at the next log in to prevent this
please log in to: user1 account no password needed to
keep machine from going into time out mode which will
allow the next user to use the same chip without having
to perform the entire QC again if within the 24 hour of
allowed single chip use.
Yeast, Bacteria and BSL-2 Sorting Clean UP
1. Remove your sample
2. From cytometer tool ribbon select bleach wash, follow the on screen instructions loading a 15 ml tube
with 12 ml of 10% bleach
3. Isolate all components interacting with the sample (sort collection device, tube holder, etc) and take them
to the sink area
January 11,2018


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