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4-on-1 Printing
Prints four pages of the document, side by side, on one sheet of paper.
To change the page sequence, click the Page Setup tab, select Page Layout for Page Layout,
and click Specify.... Then in the
Duplex Printing (Manual)
Select whether to print the document to both sides of the paper manually or to one side of the
To change the staple side or the margins, set the new values from the Page Setup tab.
Borderless Printing
Performs borderless printing without any margins on the paper.
With the borderless printing function, the document to be printed is enlarged, so that it extends
slightly off the paper. In other words, the document is printed without any margin.
To adjust the amount that the document extends beyond the paper, click the Page Setup tab,
choose Borderless, and enter the value in Amount of Extension.
Grayscale Printing
This function converts the data to monochrome data when printing your document.
This setting is appropriate for test printing.
Rotate 180 degrees
Prints the document by rotating it 180 degrees against the paper feed direction.
The width of print area and the amount of extension that are configured in other application
software will be reversed vertically and horizontally.
Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment
Select when you set the Color Correction method and individual settings such as Cyan, Magenta,
Yellow, Brightness, Intensity, and Contrast, etc.
Media Type
Selects a type of printing paper.
Select a media type that matches the paper that is loaded in the printer. This ensures that printing is
carried out properly for the specified paper.
Printer Paper Size
Selects the size of paper actually loaded into the printer.
Normally, the paper size is set automatically according to the output paper size setting, and the
document is printed with no scaling.
When you set 2-on-1 Printing or 4-on-1 Printing in Additional Features, you can manually set the
paper size with Page Size on the Page Setup tab.
If you select a paper size that is smaller than the Page Size, the document size will be reduced. If you
select a paper size that is larger, the document size will be enlarged.
Also if you select Custom..., the
vertical and horizontal dimensions for the paper size.
Selects the printing orientation.
If the application used to create your document has a similar function, select the same orientation that
you selected in that application.
Page Layout Printing dialog box
Custom Paper Size dialog box
that appears, specify the Page
opens and allows you to specify any


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