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Maintenance; Care And Cleaning; Battery Replacement - Honeywell Lyric User Reference Manual

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The Lyric™ Controller is designed to require little maintenance. However, testing your system is
strongly recommended, and regular cleaning is suggested.
Test the system weekly.
Test your system after any alarm occurs.

Care and Cleaning

Do not slam sensor-protected doors or windows.
Keep dust from accumulating on the touchscreen and sensors, particularly motion sensors
and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.
The touchscreen and sensors should be cleaned carefully with a soft, dry cloth. Do not
clean the components with water or any other liquids.
We recommend cleaning the touchscreen weekly.
Select Settings
Press Clean. During the 15 second countdown, a soft, damp cloth can be used on the screen
without affecting the controls.
NOTE: When the security system is armed, system event notifications will cancel the cleaning
mode and return the system to normal operation. When the system is disarmed, only
certain notifications will cancel cleaning mode.

Battery Replacement

Home > Security > Tools > Advanced > Install Backup Battery
Replace the battery pack when the Security menu displays Low Battery with no
zone number specified.
Use only batteries recommended by the installer or the manufacturer.
Disarm the system before changing the Controller's battery pack.
Remember that you must enter the Master User code for access to the Tools menu.
Lyric Controller
Select Advanced on the Tools menu.
2. Select Install Backup Battery. Lyric requests confirmation that you want to proceed.
3. Press Yes and leave the battery installation procedure screen open.
4. Open the Controller's case. If wall mounted, hang it from the self-contained hook as
shown below.
Remove the body of the Controller from its wall mount or remove the desk mount from the back of the Controller.


on the Home screen.
Testing Your System
for more information.

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