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System Configuration; Connection Of Peripheral Units Of Got - Mitsubishi Electric F930GOT-BWD Operation Manual

Got-f900 series graphic operation terminals melsec-got.
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Graphic Operation Terminal GOT-F900

System configuration

The method of connecting the GOT to PLC and peripheral devices is described below.

Connection of peripheral units of GOT

The figure below shows the system configuration required to use the GOT with peripheral
F930GOT, F940GOT,
F943GOT and F940WGOT
graphic operation terminals
Data transfer
RS-232C communication.
Bar code reader
<General-purpose printers>
Printer equipped with
RS-232C interface
Prints out sampling data,
alarm history, alarm
message and screen
hard copy
• When the GOT is CPU-connected to a PLC and a general purpose PC is used as a
program edit tool for the PLC, the 2-port interface function of the GOT can be used.
(In the case of connection using a communication unit of QnA Series or Q Series, the 2-port
interface function can be used when the setting of the GOT is for CPU connection.)
When using the GOT and peripheral devices dedicated to sequence program edit (such as
FX-20P and A6GPP that performs RS-422 communication) for one PLC, connect the GOT
to an extension communication board or extension communication adapter of FX Series, a
computer link unit of A Series or a communication unit of QnA Series or Q Series.
(The FX-2PIF type 2-port interface is not compatible with the PLCs of Q Series and QnA
Series or with PLCs or microcomputer boards manufactured by other companies.)
When connected to a PLC or microcomputer board manufactured by other companies, the
2-port interface function of the GOT cannot be used.
RS-422 or RS-232C
RS-232C communication.
The ROM is attached to
F9GT-40UMB and inserted
into the connector on the
back of the GOT.
(F940GOT and F943GOT
·EPROM memory
User screens can be stored
using a general-purpose
ROM writer.
FX-PCS-DU/WIN-E is used
to put screen data in the form
of ROM chips.
(In the case of GT Designer,
data cannot be saved on to a
ROM chip.)
·Data transfer cable FX-232CAB-1 (3 m)
(when the RS-232C port in the PC is 9-pin
·Data transfer cable FX-232CAB-2 (3m)
(when the RS-232C port in the PC is half-
pitch, 14-pin type)
·Data transfer cable F2-232CAB-1 (3m)
(when the RS-232C port in the PC is 25-pin
·General-purpose personal computer
(screen creation software)
FX-PCS-DU/WIN-E or GT Designer
·For the screen creation software
versions corresponding to each GOT, refer
to Section 1.7.
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