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the body for a prolonged
period of time, especially
where there is someone
who is unable to adjust
the humidity. For instance:
infant, child, or elderly
person. This may harm the
physical condition and
lead to dehydration.
Use the dehumidi er with
cautions where the walls,
furniture, and art works are
vulnerable to dry air.
Do not place the
appliance directly below
an air conditioner to
prevent condensation
from dripping onto the
appliance which will cause
short circuit and leakage of
Only use the original
Philips lters specially
intended for this appliance.
Do not use any other lters.
Burning the lter may
cause irreversible damage
to humans or other
creatures. Do not use the
lter as fuel or for similar
Always lift or move the
appliance by the handle at
the top of the appliance.
Do not use the
dehumidi er in a room
with major temperature
changes, as this may cause
condensation inside the
dehumidi er.
To prevent interference,
place the appliance at least
2m away from electrical
appliances that use
airborne radio waves such
as TVs, radios, and radio-
controlled clocks.
The appliance does not
remove carbon monoxide
(CO) or radon (Rn). It
cannot be used a safety
device in case of accidents
with combustion processes
and hazardous chemicals.
Never move the appliance
by pulling the power cord.
This appliance is not
a substitute for proper
ventilation, regular vacuum
cleaning, or use of an
extractor hood or fan while
If the appliance is not used
for a long period of time,
remove the lter from the
dehumidi er and store it
separately in a cool, dry
Do not sit or stand on the
appliance. The appliance
is equipped with unilateral
rotating wheels. Sitting or
standing on the appliance
may lead to potential injury.
Fuse Speci cation:
T2.0A 250V
T5.0A 250V



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