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Read Tag Status; Reading The Tag Id; Initialize The Tag - Siemens SIMATIC RF310M Operating Instructions Manual

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Read tag status

You can read and display the status data of the transponder using "Tag > MDS Status"
(or <ALT+T+M>).
The following tag status information is displayed here:
● Tag ID (8-character hexadecimal representation)
● Tag memory size (20 bytes EEPROM, 8KB FRAM , 32KB FRAM, 64KB FRAM)
● Status of the lock-bit register (write-protection status) in hexadecimal representation
● Field strength
● ASIC vers.
Figure 6-10

Reading the tag ID

You can read and display the serial number of the tag using "Tag > Read TagID" (or
<ALT+T+T>). The ID number is allocated at the factory and cannot be changed.
The tag ID is displayed in hexadecimal format.

Initialize the tag

You can initialize a tag with "Tag > Init" (<ALT+T+I>).
The "Init" function is used to overwrite the complete tag extremely quickly with a specific
value. The relevant value can be entered in the "Init Dialog" window. After writing, the
memory in the editor is also set to the entered value. For this purpose, you must have set the
correct tag memory size, see Tag Type Selection (Page 46). The value can be entered in
hexadecimal or ASCII depending on the setting under "Editor > Display".
SIMATIC RF310M Mobile Reader
Operating Instructions, 07/2007, J31069-D0191-U001-A1-7618
Read tag status
SIMATIC RF310M software
6.5 The functions in the "Tag" menu



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