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Plug And Play; Visual Inspection - Xerox XM9-23w User Manual

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Technical Information

Plug and Play

Visual Inspection

This monitor conforms to the VESA DDC (Display Data
Channel) standard, which means that when it is used with a
DDC compatible video card, the monitor is easier to set up.
With VESA DDC 1/2B, when the monitor is turned on, it will
automatically notify a windows 9X/2000/XP host computer of its
scanning frequencies, capabilities and characteristics. Windows
9X/2000/XP will automatically recognize the presence of the
monitor and select the appropriate display resolution.
Permanently unlit or lit pixels
The standard of production techniques today cannot guarantee
an absolutely fault free LCD display. A few isolated permanently
lit or unlit pixels may be present. The maximum permitted
number of pixel faults is stipulated in the stringent international
standard ISO 13406-2 (Class II).
A 17" flat-screen monitor with a resolution of 1280 x 1024
has 1280 x 1024 = 1310720 pixels. Each pixel consists of
three subpixels (red, green and blue), so there are about 4
million dots in total.
According to ISO 13406-2 (Class II), a maximum of 6 pixels and
7 subpixels may be defective, i. e. a total of 25 faulted dots. This
corresponds to approx. 0.002 % of the entire screen surface.
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