Safety Precautions - Haier MVHP036MV2AA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit
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Safety precautions

• The maintenance cover plate of the indoor or outdoor unit should not be removed when the main circuit power supply
on. Shut off power before removing.
• Refrigerant leakage can cause breathing problems. In the event of a refrigerant leak, close the main valve, extinguish
any flame and contact a local servicer immediately.
• Use the proper breaker and surge protector. If not used, an electric shock or fire may cause injury or damage.
• The installation and service technician shall ensure that refrigerant leaks comply with local laws and regulations.
• Grounding wire should be connected with the grounding bar. The grounding wire can not be connected to the gas pipe,
water pipe, lightening rod or the telephone grounding wire. Improper grounding may cause electric shock.
• Don't install the unit in a location with flammable gas or it may cause fire.
• Install the water drainage pipe according to the manual, improper installation will cause water leakage and damage.
• The outdoor fan should not blow towards gardens/vegetation or the air will dry out the plants.
• Please ensure proper clearances, if not, service technicians will not have room to service.
• When installing the unit on a roof or other high places, to prevent injury to the service technician, please set a fixed
ladder and railing at the installation site.
• Use a wrench and fasten the nut. Use a torque wrench to tighten at at proper torque spec. Don't over tighten the nut or
you risk damaging the flare. Will cause refrigerant leaks.
• Be sure to insulate the refrigerant pipe, or there will be water leakage or water dripping causing damage.
• After installing the refrigerant pipe, test for leaks by charging with nitrogen.
• Don't use the other refrigerants except for R410A. The R410A pressure is 1.6 times higher than R22 pressure. R410A
tanks are marked with pink.
• We changed the stop valve diameter of the R410A unit to enhance the compression consistency. We also changed the
flared pipe dimension. Adjust the R410A specially tools according to the below table.
R410A specially tool
1 gauge manifold
2 charge hose
3 electronic balance for charging R410A
4 torque spanner
5 flare tool
6 copper pipe gauge for adjusting projecting margin
7 vacuum pump adapter
8 leakage detector
• When charging refrigerant, the refrigerant must be taken out in liquid state from the tank.
• When installing the power cord and the connecting line must be a least 1m from the TV or radio, so as to avoid image
interference or noise.
• In the room with fluorescent lamp (reverse or fast start type), remote control signal transmission distance may not reach
the predetermined value, so the indoor unit installed away from the fluorescent lamp as far as possible.
• Please use the fuse to meet the capacity requirements.
• To prevent the destruction of wires, electrical components, etc. by rats or other animals.
• Recommended room ventilation every 3 to 4 hours.
Arrival inspection
• After receiving the unit, should check whether there is transport damage. If any damage is found on the surface or=
inside, it shall be reported immediately to the shipping company in writing.
range: HP˃652.5PSI(4.5MPa), LP˃290PSI(2MPa)
pressure: HP:768.5PSI(5.3MPa), LP:507.5PSI(3.5MPa)
can not use the measurable charging tank
must be with reverse stop valve
can not use freon leakage detector, but the He detector

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