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Reviewing Alarms - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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4 Alarms
Select the Record Limits pop-up key to send a recording of the alarm limits to a recorder.

Reviewing Alarms

You can see which alarms and INOPs are currently active in the respective alarms and INOPs fields at
the top of the screen.
To see the currently active alarms and INOPs listed in one place, select any of the alarm status areas on
the monitor screen. The Alarm Messages window pops up.
All alarms and INOPs are erased from the Review Alarms window when you discharge a patient,
or if you change to Demonstration Mode.
Alarm Messages Window
The Alarm Messages window shows all the currently active alarms and INOPs sorted by priority,
beginning at the top with the most recent. INOPs are shown on the left hand side and patient alarms
are shown on the right hand side. Any active red alarms are shown first, followed by yellow alarms.
Acknowledged alarms or INOPs are shown with the check mark symbol.
The Alarm Messages window pop-up keys appear when the window is opened. If alarm pause
extension is disabled, the pause pop-up keys are inactive ("grayed-out"). Selecting the Review
Alarms pop-up key opens the Review Alarms window.
Alarm Messages
If you do not immediately understand an INOP or alarm message, refer to its help text.
• In the Alarm Messages window, select the INOP message. This calls up a help window with an
explanation of the INOP message and, where appropriate, a suggested solution for the problem.
• If the alarm or INOP was generated in a device other than the monitor (for instance, in an MMS or
FMS), this source is specified at the end of the help text (Source: FMS).
Review Alarms Window
** awRR LOW
Pause Al.
5 Min.
Pause Al.
10 Min.
Reviewing Alarms


Table of Contents

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