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Visual Alarm Indicators - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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4 Alarms
The monitor sounds an audible indicator for the highest priority alarm. If more than one alarm
condition is active in the same measurement, the monitor announces the most severe. Your monitor
may be configured to increase alarm indicator volume automatically during the time when the alarm is
not acknowledged.

Visual Alarm Indicators

• No alarms are available on the MP5 when connected to a host monitor. Alarms become active again
as soon as the MP5 is disconnected from the host monitor.
• Alarm fields and other visual alarm indicators are disabled on the MP5 when connected to a host
monitor. The only visual alarm indication is provided by the alarm lamps, which are controlled by
the host monitor. No Alarm Display is shown in the field for red alarms, Companion
Mode is shown in the yellow alarms field, and the INOPs field is blacked out.
Alarm message: An alarm message text appears in the alarm status area at the top of the screen
indicating the source of the alarm. If more than one measurement is in an alarm condition, the message
changes every two seconds, and has an arrow ( ) at the side. The background color of the alarm
message matches the alarm priority: red for red alarms, yellow for yellow alarms, light blue for standard
INOPs, red for red INOPs and yellow for yellow INOPs. The asterisk symbols (*) beside the alarm
message match the alarm priority: *** for red alarms, ** for yellow alarms, * for short yellow alarms.
Standard INOPs do not have a symbol, red and yellow INOPs have exclamation marks beside the
alarm message: !!! for red INOPs and !! for yellow INOPs.
Depending on how your monitor is configured, it may display alarm limit violation messages
• in text form, for example "**SpO
• in numeric form, for example "**SpO
deviation from the alarm limit, and the second number shows the currently set limit.
Flashing numeric: The numeric of the measurement in alarm flashes.
Bright alarm limits: If the alarm was triggered by an alarm limit violation, the corresponding alarm
limit on the monitor screen is shown more brightly if Show AlarmLimits is enabled and there is
sufficient room on the screen.
Alarm lamp: A lamp on the monitor's front panel flashes. The alarm lamp is divided into two
sections. The right one flashes for a patient alarm, except for short yellow alarms where the lamp will
light for approximately six seconds. The color is yellow or red corresponding to the highest priority
patient alarm currently present. The left one lights continuously for a light blue INOP and flashes for
yellow or red INOPs as follows:
Companion Mode
No Alarm Display
LOW" or
94<96", where the first number shows the maximum
Visual Alarm Indicators


Table of Contents

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