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What's New in Release F.0?
3 What's New?
Sending Data To An Information Center Via A Telemetry Device
For the MP5T monitor, or an MP5 monitor without a connection to an Information Center, a small
set of monitoring data can be sent from the monitor to the Information Center via a connected
telemetry device.
NBP - Programmable Measurement Sequence
Up to four measurement cycles can be set up which will run consecutively. For each cycle you can set
the number of measurements and the interval between them. By setting the last cycle to run
continuously you can have regular measurements continue after the sequence has run.
New Printing Options For Reports
Reports can now also be printed via an external PC-based print server or to an internal print database,
when no printer is available (for example, during transport). As soon as a printer becomes available, the
reports stored in the database will print automatically.
Manual Pairing At Monitor
Previously, devices could only be manually paired at the Information Center. You can now pair devices
at the monitor as long as the monitor is already connected to the Information Center.
Moving Windows And Menus
Windows and menus can now be moved on the monitor screen. Using touch or a mouse you can select
the title of a window and then "drag" it across the screen. Some positions on the screen are not allowed,
such as ones overlapping the alarm field or the monitor info line.
Invasive Pressure Changes
Wave cursor - A cursor is now available on the realtime pressure wave to allow you to define a position
and store the corresponding value.
Reduced alarm limit steps in lower ranges - The alarm limits setting in 2 mmHg steps is now possible
in ranges up to 50 mmHg (previously up to 30 mmHg).
New Patient Check
The monitor can be configured to ask you in certain situations: after a specified power-off period, after
a specified standby period and when no basic vitals (HR, RR, Pulse, SpO
, NBP) have been measured
for a specified period, whether a new patient is now being monitored. By selecting the Yes pop-up key
you can discharge the previous patient and reset settings.
New Smart Keys
A SmartKey is available for New Lead Setup when a new ECG lead set with fewer leads than
previously is being used.
Better Visibility Of Gridlines
The brightness of the gridlines on the realtime waves has been increased for better visibility.


Table of Contents

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