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Getting Started
– Check all the external cables, plug-ins and accessories.
Plug the power cord into the AC power source. If you are using battery power, ensure that the
battery has sufficient power for monitoring. When you use a battery for the first time, you must
charge it, following the instructions given in the section on Charging Batteries.
Check all the functions of the instrument that you need to monitor the patient, and ensure that the
instrument is in good working order.
Switching On
Press the on/off switch on the monitor for one second. The monitor performs a self test and is then
ready to use. If you see a message such as CO
starting monitoring that measurement.
Power On/Power Off Behavior
The general rules determining the behavior of the monitor when connected to, or disconnected from
power are as follows:
• A monitor that was switched on prior to a temporary power loss switches on again when power is
• A monitor that was switched off prior to a temporary power loss remains off when power is restored.
• When AC mains power is lost, a battery powered monitor continues to run without interruption on
battery power.
• The MP5 switches on automatically when connected to a running host monitor.
• When the MP5 is disconnected from a running host monitor, it continues to run without
interruption on battery power.
Setting up the Measurements
Decide which measurements you want to make.
Connect the required patient cables and sensors. The connectors are color-coded to the patient
cables and sensors for easy identification.
When connecting devices for acquiring measurements, always position cables and tubing carefully to
avoid entanglement or potential strangulation.
Starting Monitoring
After you switch on the monitor,
Admit your patient to the monitor.
Check that the profile, alarm limits, alarm and QRS volumes, patient category and paced status
and so forth are appropriate for your patient. Change them if necessary.
Refer to the appropriate measurement section for details of how to perform the measurements you
SENSOR WARMUP wait until it disappears before
2 Basic Operation


Table of Contents

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