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Checking Report Status And Printing Manually - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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23 Printing Patient Reports
If the target device of this print job was set to Unspecified, the monitor will periodically try to
resend the print job to the first printer listed in the Setup Printers menu under Printer that
is set to Enabled and that has paper of the correct size.
To allow the report to print, you must either solve the problem with the target printer, or re-route the
print job to another printer with paper of the correct size. To re-route a print job,
Enable the new target printer by selecting it in the Setup Printers menu and toggling to
Enabled. As the monitor tries to send the report to the printers in the order they are listed, you
must make sure that all the printers above the new target printer are disabled.
If the target device of the print job was set to a specific printer, re-routing is not possible.

Checking Report Status and Printing Manually

A list of all print requests which are waiting, printing or stored can be viewed in the Reports Job List.
To view the list,
in the Reports menu, select Reports Job List.
The following information is displayed for each print request:
• Report title
• Patient name (except for system reports such as the battery status report)
• Request date and time
• Report paper format
• Job status: Preparing, Printing, Waiting, In Database, In Companion, Retry, Cancelling, Error
Individual reports can be deleted from the list with the Delete Report key, and all reports with
the Delete All Reps key.
The reports job list includes privacy information, in the form of the patient name with the related
report title and date. It is advisable to provide controlled access to this data to ensure confidentiality.
Printing Manually
Those jobs shown in black will be printed automatically when a matching printer is available. If the
Auto Print Dbs setting is Host only or Never, some or all reports will not be printed
automatically and will be shown in grey. Any jobs shown in grey must be printed manually; to do this,
In the Reports Job List, select the required report
Select Print Report.
Selecting Print All Reps. will send all reports to the printer.
Checking Report Status and Printing Manually


Table of Contents

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