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Table of Contents
2 Basic Operation
enter standby mode - suspends patient
monitoring. All waves and numerics
disappear from the display. All settings
and patient data information are
review beat labels (annotate
arrhythmia wave)
change amplitude (size) of ECG wave
- start/stop manual NBP measurement
- start auto series
- stop current automatic measurement
within series
start NBP measurement and
measurement series
start veni puncture (inflate cuff to
subdiastolic pressure)
set the NBP repeat time
start a delayed recording
access Vital Signs recording key
set wide automatic alarm limits
switch CO
pump off
review vital signs trend
access the calculator
gas analyzer - exit standby mode
Operating and Navigating
change screen brightness (not for
independent displays)
re-learn arrhythmia
access wedge procedure window
start/stop NBP STAT measurement
stop automatic or STAT NBP
measurement and measurement series
stop current NBP measurement
start NBP STAT measurement
zero invasive pressure transducer
access pop-up recording keys
access Select Waves recording key
set narrow automatic alarm limits
access neonatal event review
review graph trend
access the Drug Calculator
suppress zero for all gas measurements


Table of Contents

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