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21 ProtocolWatch
To review the protocol, select Protocol Log. You can also print out the log to document the
screening phase.
Select Confirm to complete the screening phase.
Viewing And Printing The Protocol Log
The Protocol Log stores all user interactions, alarms and phase transitions while the SSC Sepsis
Protocol is running.
To view the Log select Main Setup -> ProtocolWatch -> Protocol Log
You can choose between three different views of the Protocol Log:
• Summary View - a short form which does not include when the windows were triggered
• Full View - a complete log of all user interactions, alarms and phase transitions
• Phase View - you can view log entries for one phase by selecting that phase on the orientation
When the Log consists of several pages, you can move through the pages with the Previous Page
and Next Page keys.
To start a Protocol Log printout, select Print.
The log is cleared whenever a patient is discharged.
Always Discharge Patients
It is essential that patients are discharged when monitoring ends. As a reminder, the monitor can be
configured to display a pop-up window when the monitor has been switched off, in Standby mode, or
not monitoring basic vitals for a certain time. The window asks whether a new patient is being
monitored and offers a pop-up key to discharge the previous patient if this is the case. The window
must be configured in Configuration Mode.
When the previous patient is discharged, this clears the protocol log, resets the timers and deletes
manually entered measurement values.
Severe Sepsis Screening


Table of Contents

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