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Use Models With Telemetry - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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16 Assigning Two Devices to One Patient
1.Va and Vb leads are reset to default (V2, V5) if the configured Va or Vb lead for the telemetry device is not
one of V1 through V6.
2.These setting will only be synchronized when the Information Center supports QT Analysis for Telemetry.
• Not all settings are synchronized; after changing the ECG source, always check that the settings are
• Va and Vb leads are reset to default (V2, V5) if the configured Va or Vb lead for the telemetry device
is not one of V1 through V6
If later the patient is disconnected from the telemetry device, and reconnected to the monitor again,
any changes in the settings made in the meantime will be passed on to the monitor. In this way,
settings continuity is preserved when the ECG source changes.
Settings synchronization can only take place when there is no patient information mismatch between
the monitor and the Information Center. If a Check ECG Settings or CHECK PAIRING
INOP appears always check that the ECG settings, especially the paced setting, are appropriate for
your patient.

Use Models With Telemetry

The standard use model combining a monitor and a telemetry device involves pairing the two devices
so that the data measured by the telemetry device appears on the monitor screen - and at the
Information Center in the same patient sector as the monitor data. The following variations are
MP5 monitor is paired with a telemetry transceiver - direct or indirect connection
– telemetry data appear on the monitor
– the MP5 cannot be connected to a host monitor (Companion Mode)
MP5 is declared as a telemetry device and paired with one of the larger monitors (MP20-90) -
direct or indirect connection
– MP5 measurement data appear on the monitor it is paired with
– a telemetry transceiver cannot be used with the MP5
A telemetry transceiver with a short range radio adapter is assigned to an MP5 which is connected
(Companion Mode) to a larger host monitor (MP20 - MP90) - direct connection.
– telemetry data appear on the host monitor
– telemetry transceiver is paired with the host monitor but is assigned to the MP5
– the MP5 must have no equipment label
The different variations require different configuration settings; refer to the Configuration Guide for
ST Analysis On/Off, ST Alarm On/Off, ISO Point, J point, ST point,
ST Priority List, Single ST Alarm Limit, Multi ST Alarm Limit
QT analysis On/Off, QT Lead, QTc High Alarm On/Off, ΔQTc
Alarm On/Off, QTc High Limit, ΔQTc High Limit, QTc Formula
QT Baseline
Alarms on/off, SpO
NBP Alarm Suppression On/Off, Pulse(SpO
Use Models With Telemetry
Alarm limits
) On/Off


Table of Contents

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