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How Can You Combine Devices - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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Assigning Two Devices to One
It is possible to assign a monitor and a telemetry device to the same patient, resulting in the
information from both devices being combined in one sector at the Information Center. This is called
"pairing" and when a telemetry device and a monitor are paired, the measurement data from the
telemetry device will be displayed on the monitor screen.
A telemetry device can be:
• any Philips telemetry device (only for indirect connections, see below).
• a TRx+/TRx+ Intellivue Telemetry system transceiver.
• an MP5 monitor with a telemetry interface, declared as a telemetry device and with a telemetry
equipment label.

How Can You Combine Devices?

• With an indirect connection, using standard telemetry transmission - the data are sent to the
monitor via the Information Center and arrive with a delay of several seconds at the monitor.
• With a direct connection to the monitor, via a short range radio (SRR) link or with a direct cable
connection - the data arrive with a minimal delay on the monitor screen.
Indirect Connection - Manual Pairing
The telemetry device can be paired with the monitor at the Information Center or at the monitor. For
detailed information regarding pairing and configuration at the Information Center, see the
Information Center Instructions for Use.
To pair the monitor with a telemetry device at the monitor:
Select Main Setup then Measurements
Select Telemetry
The Setup Telemetry menu will appear with only one entry Paired Equipment.
Enter here the equipment label of the telemetry device to be paired.
Pairing at the monitor is only possible when the monitor already has a connection to the Information
Center and the Information Center software version allows pairing at the monitor.


Table of Contents

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