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2 Basic Operation
The monitor stores data in trend and event databases. You can see tabular trends (vital signs) and
document them on a central printer. You can view measurement trend graphs, with up to three
measurements combined in each graph, to help you identify changes in the patient's physiological
condition. You can view fast-changing measurement trends with beat to beat resolution and see up to
four high resolution trend segments.
The MP5 monitor can also be connected to another IntelliVue patient monitor (MP20 to MP90),
where it acts as a multi-measurement module (MMS), acquiring measurements for the host monitor.
When connected to a host monitor, the host controls the MP5 including all alarm functionality. No
alarms are available on the MP5, and the alarm lamps are controlled by the host. You can recognize
when an MP5 is connected to a host monitor by the following indication on the screen:
When the MP5 is disconnected from the original host monitor, it continues to monitor the patient as
a stand-alone monitor with all settings and data. On connection to a new host monitor, the MP5
resumes its role as MMS, transferring all settings and data, ensuring fully continuous monitoring.
When the MP5 is connected to a host monitor it still requires batteries or AC power; it also cannot
charge its batteries via the host monitor's AC connection.
The MP5T monitor is intended for use together with a telemetry device. It has no ECG measurement
of its own but does have NBP and optionally SpO
device is directly connected to the MP5T, the measurements from the MP5T are transmitted with
those from the telemetry device (ECG and optionally SpO
alone has no network capability (no direct wired or wireless connection to the Information Center).
The following comparison table shows in detail the differences between MP5 and MP5T:
Functionality (including optional features)
Predictive Temperature
Invasive Pressure
Carbon Dioxide
Direct Telemetry Connection
ECG Output signal
LAN networking capability
WLAN networking capability
Short range radio interface
IntelliVue Instrument Telemetry networking capability
Severe Sepsis Screening
OxyCRG high resolution trend
Neonatal event review
Integrated recorder
Drug Calculator
Companion Mode
Companion Mode
No Alarm Display
and predictive temperature. When the telemetry
) to the Information Center. The MP5T
Introducing the Monitor


Table of Contents

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