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Basic Operation - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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Table of Contents
These Instructions for Use are for clinical professionals using the IntelliVue MP5 and MP5T
(M8105A and M8105AT) patient monitors.
This basic operation section gives you an overview of the monitor and its functions. It tells you how to
perform tasks that are common to all measurements (such as entering data, switching a measurement
on and off, setting up and adjusting wave speeds, working with profiles). The alarms section gives an
overview of alarms. The remaining sections tell you how to perform individual measurements, and how
to care for and maintain the equipment.
Familiarize yourself with all instructions including warnings and cautions before starting to monitor
patients. Read and keep the Instructions for Use that come with any accessories, as these contain
important information about care and cleaning that is not repeated here.
This guide describes all features and options. Your monitor may not have all of them; they are not all
available in all geographies. Your monitor is highly configurable. What you see on the screen, how the
menus appear and so forth, depends on the way it has been tailored for your hospital and may not be
exactly as shown here. In particular for the MP5T, refer to the table on the following page to see which
sections of this guide are applicable to your monitor.
In this guide:
• A warning alerts you to a potential serious outcome, adverse event or safety hazard. Failure to
observe a warning may result in death or serious injury to the user or patient.
• A caution alerts you to where special care is necessary for the safe and effective use of the product.
Failure to observe a caution may result in minor or moderate personal injury or damage to the
product or other property, and possibly in a remote risk of more serious injury.
• Monitor refers to the entire patient monitor. Display refers to the physical display unit. Display
Screen and Screen refer to everything you see on monitor's display, such as measurements, alarms,
patient data and so forth.
Introducing the Monitor
The MP5 monitor provides a comprehensive set of basic physiological measurements: NBP, SpO
and optionally ECG, invasive blood pressure, predictive temperature, standard temperature and CO
Through networking it provides information integration, documentation and information access. The
MP5 can be used with adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in a hospital and transport environment.

Basic Operation



Table of Contents

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