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Preparing to Measure NBP
Plug the air tubing into the red NBP connector. Avoid compression or restriction of pressure tubes.
Air must pass unrestricted through the tubing.
Make sure that you are using a Philips-approved correct sized cuff and that the bladder inside the
cover is not folded or twisted.
A wrong cuff size, and a folded or twisted bladder, can cause inaccurate measurements. The width
of the cuff should be in the range from 37% to 47% of the limb circumference. The inflatable part
of the cuff should be long enough to encircle at least 80% of the limb.
Apply the cuff to a limb at the same level as the patient's heart. If it is not, you must use the
measurement correction formula to correct the measurement.
The marking on the cuff must match the artery location. Do not wrap the cuff too tightly around
the limb. It may cause discoloration, and ischemia of the extremities. Inspect the application site
regularly to ensure skin quality and inspect the extremity of the cuffed limb for normal color,
warmth and sensitivity. If the skin quality changes, or if the extremity circulation is being affected,
move the cuff to another site or stop the blood pressure measurements immediately. Check more
frequently when making automatic or stat measurements.
Correcting the Measurement if Limb is not at Heart Level
To correct the measurement if the limb is not at heart level, to the displayed value
add 0.75mmHg (0.10kPa) for each centimeter
higher or
add 1.9mmHg (0.25kPa) for each inch higher.
Understanding the NBP Numerics
Alarm source
Alarm limits
Depending on the NBP numeric size, not all elements may be visible. Your monitor may be configured
to display only the systolic and diastolic values.
Alarm Sources if you have parallel alarm sources, the sources are displayed instead of the alarm limits.
NBP Timestamp depending on the configured NBP Time setting, the time shown beside the NBP
numeric can be:
– Meas Time: the time of the most recent NBP measurement, or
– Next Meas: the time until the next measurement in an
automatic series, displayed with a graphic representation of the
remaining time, as shown here.
Measurement Mode
deduct 0.75mmHg (0.10kPa) for each centimeter
lower or
deduct 1.9mmHg (0.25kPa) for each inch lower.
Mean pressure
11 Monitoring NBP


Table of Contents

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