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Changing The Speed Of The Respiration Wave - Philips IntelliVue MP5 Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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9 Monitoring Respiration Rate (Resp)

Changing the Speed of the Respiration Wave

Resp waveforms are usually viewed at a slower speed than other waveforms. For this reason, the Resp
measurement has its own speed control and is not affected by the wave speed settings of the other
Select the Resp wave to enter the Resp Wave menu, then select Change Speed. Choose the
required speed from the pop-up list. This defines the speed at which the wave is drawn across the
screen in millimeters per second (mm/s).
Using Resp Alarms
Resp alarms can be switched on and off and the high and low alarm limits can be changed just like
other measurement alarms, as described in the Alarms chapter.
Changing the Apnea Alarm Delay
The apnea alarm is a high priority red alarm used to detect apneas. The apnea alarm delay time defines
the time period between the point where the monitor cannot detect any respiration activity and the
indication of the apnea alarm.
In the Setup Resp menu, select Apnea Time.
Select the appropriate setting.
Resp Safety Information
Respiration detection level If you do not set the detection level for the respiration correctly in manual
detection mode, it may not be possible for the monitor to detect apnea. If you set the detection level
too low, the monitor is more likely to detect cardiac activity, and to falsely interpret cardiac activity as
respiratory activity in the case of apnea.
Apnea The respiration measurement does not recognize obstructive and mixed apneas — it only
indicates an alarm when a pre-adjusted time has elapsed since the last detected breath.
The safety and effectiveness of the respiration measurement method in the detection of apnea,
particularly the apnea of prematurity and apnea of infancy, has not been established.
Interference If operating under conditions according to the EMC Standard EN 60601-1-2 (Radiated
Immunity 3V/m), field strengths above 1V/m may cause erroneous measurements at various
frequencies. Therefore it is recommended to avoid the use of electrically radiating equipment in close
proximity to the respiration measurement unit.
Resp Accessories To monitor respiration, use only the non-OR ECG accessories listed in the Resp
section of the accessories chapter. You cannot measure respiration if you are using an orange OR ECG
cable set. This is because of the higher internal impedance of the OR cable set, required for use if
electro-surgery is being performed.
Changing the Speed of the Respiration Wave


Table of Contents

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