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7 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Select the Apply Changes pop-up key to activate the new ST measurement points and
recalculate all ST values.
The most recent ST Points adjustment time is displayed in the Adjust ST Points window.
This information is cleared when a patient is discharged or when a new Profile is loaded into the
To update the ST snippet shown in the Adjust ST Points window, select the Update pop-
up key.

ST Alarms

ST alarms are yellow alarms. Each ST lead has its own alarm limit. ST alarms are triggered when an ST
value exceeds its alarm limit for more than one minute. Switching ST alarms off switches off alarms for
all ST leads.
If more than one ST measurement is in alarm, the monitor only displays the alarm message of the ST
lead which is currently furthest from its set alarm limits.
Single- or Multi-lead ST Alarming
Be aware that if multi-lead ST alarming is switched on, only alarms involving more than one ST lead
will be announced.
To choose individual or multi-lead ST alarming,
In the Setup ST Analysis menu, select ST Alarm Mode and select either Single ST
or Multi ST.
Changing ST Alarm Limits
The monitor can detect alarms on each ST lead separately, so you can set high and low ST alarm limits
individually for each ST lead. You can also set separate alarm limits for single-lead and multi-lead ST
monitoring. Set the high and low alarm limits based on your assessment of the patient's clinical
condition, unit protocols, physician orders or medication specified limits. A good guideline is + 1.0
mm or - 1.0 mm from the patients's ST, or follow your hospital protocol.
In the Setup ST Analysis menu, select ST Alarm Mode and select Single ST or
Multi ST.
The J-point cursor positions the J-point relative to the R-wave peak. It helps
you to correctly position the ST-point. Position the J-point at the end of the
QRS complex and the beginning of the ST segment.
The J-point cursor is not available if your monitor is configured to let you set
the ST point directly.
To position the ST-point relative to the J-point:
select either J + 60 or J + 80. Select J Point and use the arrow keys
to move the J-Point and position the ST-point at the midpoint of the ST
To position the ST-point directly:
select ST Point and use the left and right arrow keys to position the ST
point at the midpoint of the ST segment.
ST Alarms


Table of Contents

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