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6 Managing Patients
Other Bed Pop-Up Keys
Select the Other Patients SmartKey or the Other Bed window or embedded screen element to
access the associated pop-up keys:
Next Wave lets you view waveforms not currently shown in the other bed window.
More Vitals lets you view more numerics not currently shown in the other bed window.
Next Bed lets you view waveforms and numerics from the next available bed in the Care Group.
My Care Group lets you call up the Care Group window to select another bed.
Alarming Beds lets you view a list of all beds in your care group with an unacknowledged
alarm. The beds are listed in order of alarm severity.
Silence Bed lets you silence active alarms at the other bed. (Whether you see this key depends
on the revision and configuration of the Information Center your monitors are connected to.)
The Silence Bed pop-up key in the Other Bed window silences alarms at a remote bed. Be aware
that accidental use of this key could silence alarms for the wrong patient.
To silence own bed alarms use the Silence permanent key on screen.
Visual Alarm Status Information in the Other Bed Window
• If individual alarms are switched off at the other bed, this is indicated by the crossed alarm symbol
beside the measurement numeric.
• If alarms are switched off at the other bed, the message Alarms Off is shown in the other bed
• In the embedded Other Bed window, the crossed speaker symbol in the upper right hand indicates
that the volume of the audible alarm status change notification for the other beds in the care group
is set to zero at the overview monitor.
Care Group Alarms
Changes in the alarm status of beds in a Care Group are announced visually and audibly at all other
beds in the same Care Group. The visual and audible indicators used depend on the monitor and
Information Center configuration.
When an alarm is detected at another bed in the Care Group,
• the alarm status is shown in the Care Group overview bar as an icon.
• a message informing you about the care group alarm is shown in the monitor status line.
• if configured, the Other Bed window, the Alarming Beds window or the My Care Group window
may pop up on the Screen (if automatic alarm notification is enabled at the bedside monitor and at
the Information Center). The automatic alarm notification is suppressed when a window, menu or
pop-up keys are active.
• if configured, an audible status change notification is issued. The tone type and volume can be
Automatic alarm notification can be switched off permanently in the monitor's Configuration Mode
or at the Information Center. To temporarily disable and re-enable automatic alarm notification at the
bedside monitor, for example if you want to carry out a procedure, in Monitoring Mode:
Care Groups


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