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6 Managing Patients
Select Same Patient if the patient information is different, but you are sure it is the same
patient. This merges the demographics and updates them in the Information Center, monitor, and
MMS, according to this table. Be aware that your monitor may be configured to merge trend data
from the MMS and the monitor, and to upload measurement settings from the MMS to the

Care Groups

If your monitor is connected to an Information Center, you can group bedside monitors into Care
Groups. This lets you:
• view information on the monitor screen from another bed in the same or in a different Care Group.
• be notified of yellow or red alarm conditions at the other beds in the Care Group.
• see the alarm status of all the beds in the Care Group on each monitor screen.
There are two main types of Care Groups:
• standard care group (Bed-based Care Group) - up to 12 patients monitored by up to 4
Information Centers
• unit group (Unit-based Care Group) - for a complete unit with up to 64 patients
monitored by up to 4 Information Centers
Monitors must be assigned to these Care Groups at the Information Center. There is a third care group
which can be assigned locally at the bedside. This is the My Central care group which includes all
beds (up to 16) from the Information Center your bed is connected to. This care group setting is
typically used in facilities with only one Information center. The selection of beds is automatic and
cannot be changed.
The functions available with Care Groups depend on the Information Center revision your monitors
are connected to. See your Information Center Instructions for Use for further details.
Understanding the Care Group Overview Bar
The Care Group monitors' status is shown in symbol form in the Care Group overview bar. Flashing
symbols indicate active alarms, symbols that are not flashing indicate alarms that have been
acknowledged. Selecting a bed symbol calls up the window for that bed or a setup window to select
Bed 1
Bed 2
Bed 3
Bed 4
The Care Group overview bar must be configured to display on the monitor Screen. If it is not visible
on your monitor, select a Screen which has been configured to show the bar.
Bed 5
Bed 6
Bed 7 Bed 8
Bed11 Bed 12 Bed 13 Bed 14
Bed 9
Care Groups


Table of Contents

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