Important Safety Information - Kärcher HDS4.0/22 Dealer's Manual

Liberty hds stationary series, hot water, electric powered, natural gas or lp heated
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Introduction & Safety Information
Thank you for purchasing this Pressure Washer. We
reserve the right to make changes at any time
without incurring any obligation.
Owner/User Responsibility:
The owner and/or user must have an understanding of
the manufacturer's operating instructions and warnings
before using this pressure washer. Warning information
should be emphasized and understood. If the operator
is not fluent in English, the manufacturer's instructions
and warnings shall be read to and discussed with the
operator in the operator's native language by the
purchaser/owner, making sure that the operator
comprehends its contents.
Owner and/or user must study and maintain for future
reference the manufacturers' instructions.
The operator must know how to stop the machine
quickly and understand the operation of all controls.
Never permit anyone to operate the engine without
proper instructions.
This manual should be considered a permanent
part of the machine and should remain with it if
machine is resold.
When ordering parts, please specify model and
serial number. Use only identical replacement
This machine is to be used only by trained opera-

Important Safety Information

WARNING: If you do not follow these instructions
exactly, a fire or explosion may result, causing
property damage, personal injury or loss of life.
AVERTISSEMENT: Si ces directives ne sont pas
suivies à la lettre, un incendie ou une explosion
pourrait survenir et entraîner des dommages à la
propriété, des lésions corporelles ou la mort.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury, read operating instructions
carefully before using.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour réduire le
risque de blessures, lire attentive-
ment les instructions de
fonctionnement avant l'utilisation.
Karcher Liberty HDS Stationary Dealer's Manual 9.801-508.0 - AY
1. Read the owner's manual thoroughly. Failure to
follow instructions and warnings could cause
malfunction of the machine and result in death,
serious bodily injury and/or property damage.
2. Know how to stop the machine and bleed pressure
quickly. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls.
3. Stay alert — watch what you are doing.
4. Use only your hand to push in or turn the gas
control knob. Never use a tool. If the knob will not
push in or turn by hand, don't try to repair it; call a
qualified service technician.
5. All installations must comply with local codes.
Contact your electrician, plumber, utility company
or the selling distributor for specific details.
DANGER: Improper connection of
the equipment-grounding
conductor can result in a risk of
electrocution. Check with a
qualified electrician or service
personnel if you are in doubt as to
whether the outlet is properly
DANGER: Une mauvaise
connexion du conducteur de terre de l'équipement
peut entraîner un risque d'électrocution. Vérifier
auprès d'un électricien qualifié ou du personnel
d'entretien si vous avez des doutes quant à savoir si
lasortie est correctement mise à la masse.
DANGER: Keep wand, hose, and water spray away
from electric wiring or fatal electric shock may
DANGER: Garder la lance, le boyau et le jet d'eau à
l'écart de tout câblage électrique ou des chocs
électriques mortels pourraient survenir.
6. To protect the operator from electrical shock, the
machine must be electrically grounded. It is the
responsibility of the owner to connect this machine
to a grounded receptacle of proper voltage and
amperage ratings. Do not spray water on or near
electrical components.
Do not touch machine with wet hands or while
standing in water. Always disconnect power
before servicing.

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Table of Contents

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