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Getting Started - Haier Z360 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Battery charge level.
Vibrator mode: your phone vibrates but neither rings nor beeps except for
the alarms (see page ).
Silence mode: your phone neither rings, beeps nor vibrates except for the alarms.
Unread message.
Message list is full: your terminal cannot accept any new messages. You must
access the message list and delete at least one message on your SIM card (see page).
Voicemail message arrived
Unanswered call
WAP alert (Z300 only).
Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded (see page).
Timer or alarm clock programmed (see page ).
Signal strength indicator.
Preferred tariff areas
Keypad lock.
Roaming out of your country of subscription.
(1) The icons and illustrations in this guide are provided for informational purposes only.
(2) Contact your network operator to check service availability.

Getting started

2.1 Set-up
Inserting the SIM Card
You must insert your SIM card in order to use your phone. To insert your
SIM card, turn off your phone with a long keypress on the
Before inserting the SIM card into the slot, push the SIM card catch to release it as shown
in the fig above. Lift the catch and place the SIM card into the slot with care.


Table of Contents