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Glossary - Acer UWA3 User Manual

Usb wireless adapter
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IEEE 802.11 Standard
The IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standards subcommittee, which is formulating
Access Point
An internetworking device that seamlessly connects wired and wireless
networks together.
Ad Hoc
An Ad Hoc wireless LAN is a group of personal computers, each with a WLAN
adapter, connected as an independent wireless LAN. Ad Hoc wireless LAN
is applicable at a departmental scale for a branch or SOHO operation.
A specific Ad Hoc LAN is called a Basic Service Set (BSS). Personal
computers in a
BSS must be configured with the same BSSID.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - a method in which IP addresses are
assigned by server dynamically to clients on the network. DHCP is used for
Dynamic IP Addressing and requires a dedicated DHCP server on the
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
This is the method the wireless cards use to transmit data over the frequency
spectrum. The other method is frequency hopping. Direct sequence
spreads the data over one frequency range (channel) while frequency
hopping jumps from one narrow frequency band to another many
times per second.
An Infrastructure configuration could also support roaming capability for
mobile workers. More than one BSS can be configured as an Extended
Service Set (ESS). Users within an ESS could roam freely between BSSs
while served as a continuous connection to the network wireless stations
and Access Points within an ESS must be configured with the same ESSID
and the same radio channel.
Ethernet is a 10/100Mbps network that runs over dedicated home/office
wiring. Users must be wired to the network at all times to gain access.
A gateway is a hardware and software device that connects two dissimilar



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