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Kenmore Alfie Quick Start Manual page 2

Voice-controlled intelligent shopper


fetCheS whAt you need
when you need It.
order products and get recommendations
with the touch of a button
Voice-controlled device helps find
and order the products you want
Access to a comprehensive and trusted
market of goods, merchandise and groceries
Simply press a button and speak your request
how doeS It woRK?
Simply press the TALK button and tell Alfie what you need.
"Alfie, I need a gift recommendation for my friend's 30th birthday."
"Alfie, fetch me laundry detergent."
"Alfie, I'd like to buy a new toaster."
"Alfie, I need a dozen organic eggs."
Alfie will receive your request and reply within a short time directly to the Alfie device and the
companion app. Alfie always looks for the best prices on items and never applies markups.



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